paneer protein content per 100g


Shahi Paneer is an easy to make vegetarian recipe. Made with easily available ingredients like cottage cheese (paneer), tomato puree,chopped onions, ginger, green chilies. There is a simple hack to make the paneer more tender, you can fry the paneer and soak it in a bowl of water, this will remove excess oil from the paneer and will make amazingly soft. This quick North Indian delicacy is a must try and is a perfect go-to recipe for special occasions. This simple yet indulgent recipe is can be prepared by following the simple steps given below. However, if you want to make it more creamy, you can add some fresh cream and almond paste made with overnight soaked almonds this will enhance the the taste of this paneer recipe. Besides, you can serve this roomali roti,naan and rice This is a restaurant-style Shahi Paneer that you can easily make at home. Creamy, aromatic and rich in taste, this is one of the best paneer recipes that can be cooked parties. We are sure your friends and family will love this delectable recipe and praise your culinary skills.