EggPaneer Product

EggPaneer Is The New Super food


One whole egg=1/2 cup of pulses in protein power + one apple for antioxidants.

Latest worldwide research puts back the good old eggs in the super food class. Due to very high nutrient density, Doctors and Dieticians are singing a new tune. A whole egg contains all the nine essential amino acids, 13 essentials vitamins and minerals. Egg is among the few foods, naturally containing vitamin D and B-12 and Folic acid along with minerals, Iron, Calcium, Copper and Phosphorus.

Egg chef’s EggPaneer is a new innovation, first of its kind. Egg chef’s EggPaneer is manufactured in a Planted UHT process that makes Egg chef’s EggPaneer ready to eat, safe and hygienic. Its Paneer like texture enables you to use it in Western, Indian, Chinese or any other cuisine. You can slice, cube or grate it.